Validate architectural design and customer experience
better and cheaper!

Show the entire house, including tiny features to the customers.

Car dealer assistant.

Test car interior with your preferred options without waiting for that particular model to arrive in store!

Google Tango Augmented Reality based project – Alpha World

Communicate each other by giving tags to real objects in augmented reality.

Augmented Reality Application Development – ARFly Post Cards

Express your feelings with augmented reality. Present an Augmented Reality Card to your beloved.

Crystal Arcanum – Game based on Intel RealSense Camera technology.

Become a true mage! Play with your hands only.

Augmented Reality Tamagochi-like Game

Now a little kitty-game is in your pocket. Play and have fun.

Augmented Reality Game Development – AR Dota

Play with DotA character in augmented reality.

Android Wear App Development for Samsung Tizen

Feed your kitty and take care of her.


Due to NDA and White-label limits, this is not a complete list of our projects.