The marketing trends continue to change with time as the industries evolve and the customers’ requirements and preferences change. It’s no surprise that in today’s world we’re starting to see augmented reality be utilized in the marketing and advertising industries, offering a creative way of forming and enhancing relationships with customers. The augmented reality market has exploded within the past few years, with a projection of over $117.4 billion by 2022 according to Markets and Markets research.

AR gives advertisers and marketers the ability to create unprecedented campaigns that combine the digital and real worlds together.

Augmented reality is a part of the mainstream world now, being a favorite among both children and adults. Anyone interested in technology should surely explore AR products.

It’s important to understand AR before making the jump over to AR-based marketing campaigns. Let’s take a look at some ways AR is changing the industry in the modern world:

1. Create a Personalized AR Experience

Boston Consulting Group has reported that organizations who choose to customize the customer’s overall experience gain up to 10% in sales increases, which is a much faster method of gaining quality customers compared to others used by marketers and advertisers. Augmented reality is key to a satisfactory customer experience in today’s mobile marketing world.

Compared to traditional marketing strategies such as print and TV advertisements, augmented reality offers a modern experience while still delivering the core message of advertisements.

For example, an AR app would allow a furnishing company to enable customers to view how a piece looks in their living room without ever coming in close physical contact with it. An app like this would of course allow the customer to change the color, design, size, and other features.
Conventional marketing strategies fail to create a connection with the target audience, but augmented reality can do so in style. For example, before you buy sunglasses online, you can download augmented reality application and see how the particular sunglass would look on you. It helps in making a better purchasing decision and also wins the trust of the customer at the same time.

New Digital Marketing possibilities using Augmented Reality

2. Augmented Reality Advertising Engages Customers more Actively

Forget traditional print and billboard advertisements, augmented reality introduces an unforgettable interactive advertisement experience to consumers of all types. For example, aiming a smartphone camera at a newspaper or magazine ad, poster or billboard, or other form of print advertisement can order the AR app to interact with the user — a true 3D multimedia experience.

Many mobile marketing advertisements now include floating advertisements on social media outlets such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. This allows AR technology to be integrated into such content, allowing potential and current customers to interact with advertisements. This is one of the main benefits of using AR to offer interactive advertisements.

New Digital Marketing possibilities using Augmented Reality

3. Help Consumers Decide What They Want

Many customers can’t judge the product quality and features even when the companies try to be as clear as possible in the product description dialogs at times. It increases the complaints as well as product returns, which adds the financial burden on the company. With the help of augmented reality, the companies can try and make the product features and its usage more clearly to the customers. It helps in making purchasing decision they are entirely sure about.

It’s no surprise that many major companies, some even startups, have looked into augmented reality and its purpose in the marketing and advertising industries. For example, Converse offers The Sampler app for iOS users that pretty much enables users to try any shoe they’d like by aiming their device at their feet, giving the customer an idea of how it all feels. The app even goes as far as allowing customers to share AR screenshots to their friends to get second opinions.

Let’s not forget that AR technology is useful in other industries such as the beauty sector. Stores such as Ulta and Sephora have their own apps that guide its customers to try different products, from lipsticks to eyeshadow colors, all without taking a step in the outside world. Smartphone users can simply download and install an app which utilizes facial recognition software to show how products may appear on individuals. With the help of augmented reality apps and technology, customers should have no issues finding what they want.

New Digital Marketing possibilities using Augmented Reality

4. Helping Products Stand out in Events and Trade Shows

Gone are the days where brochures or flyers and captive videos hold the attention of audiences at trade shows. Nowadays, it’s important for companies to market their brands via AR technology and 3D interactions. This will surely cast a shadow on traditional companies still using print advertisements.

In fact, some organizations have implemented augmented reality within their kiosks for an immersive personalized experience for customers to play with in their free time. AR tech combined with tablets and other computing devices can present a powerful showroom experience. The audience will surely embrace the capabilities of modern AR technology and won’t hesitate to share the news. Such experience would definitely help the brand get the market visibility it desires to increase traffic, sales, and higher revenue.

New Digital Marketing possibilities using Augmented Reality

5. Gaining Customer Loyalty

It is vital for the companies to go to lengths to ensure that the customers don’t have a problem with setting up or installing the product once purchased. It is the part of the customer experience they are going to remember for a long time to come.

According to a Parks Associates study, 33% of customers who had issues with setting up their new product or service ended up returning to that business. The majority of these issues stem from faulty manuals and instructions, resulting in unsatisfied and disgruntled customers.

This is where AR technology comes in, giving customers a personalized experience with interactive user manuals that help customers understand what they’re doing. Setting up, building, troubleshooting, repairing, or doing any sort of maintenance on a product with the help of an AR supported device makes things as simple as possible for clients.

One example of this is the automatic troubleshooting function equipped in Audi’s AR-enabled technology. With the touch of a button via an Android or iOS device, the app will use a built in camera to spot different areas of the car that needs tuning, such as under the hood or trunk. Users will be able to use the interactive AR menu to read tutorials and tips, informing them on how to check oil levels and other car features.

New Digital Marketing possibilities using Augmented Reality

6. Enhance B2B Mobile Marketing Relationships

It’s important to understand the full potential of augmented reality – it isn’t just for customers, but for B2B interactions as well. In today’s extremely competitive world, it’s important for businesses to work together. To do so, companies can take advantage of augmented reality to present product and service demonstrations. This gives prospects a better idea of what they’re being offered.

A prime example of B2B augmented reality utilization is an office equipment distributor that offers clients an AR look at how pieces of furniture would look in their office. This enables sales representatives to create stunning campaigns and demonstrations to build new business relationships, all with the power from AR software hosted on compatible mobile device.

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It’s no doubt that augmented reality offers a plethora of paths for advertisers and marketers to take to produce quality, mesmerizing campaigns. From immersive product demonstrations to innovative user manuals, AR has changed today’s world. Apple’s and Google’s new developer software enables app developers to efficiently connect the real and augmented worlds with machine learning and artificial intelligence, thereby increasing sales funnel success rates. And now there is no need in printed markers to enjoy AR experience. At Arvare, we are redefining the mobile marketing strategy for our customers to help them achieve their business goals while using the modern AR technology to their advantage.
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