MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Got an idea? Want to validate it ASAP? Don’t waste time on recruitment and staffing! Use experts to build Proof of Concept at no time.

Product traction and feedback

Together with MVP we provide you with all the marketing figures, analytics and KPI’s. Prove your concept with measurable data!

Technical product support

Our specialists will take care of scalability, survive peak-loading, protect the security, so, you can concentrate on your research in a stable way.


Test your startup idea without wasting time and money

Offload unnecessary routines and spend your time on implementing your ideas. Don’t bother yourself with hiring staff and assigning a project manager.

Make faster decisions in a reasonable time frame

We offer the most flexible approach: Agile project development and two-week’ sprints deliverables to get your AR/VR idea implemented in a reasonable term.

Build better products

With a working prototype, you can already start gathering feedback from your target customers. And utilize this knowledge to build better products.

Fast Time-to-Market

Our managed team can deliver the proof-of-concept or MVP much faster than it would take time for your in-house team and will help you to greatly minimize your overhead risks.


1. Build common vision and development pipeline.

During kick-off meeting, we will help you formulate the project goals and brainstorm your idea together to find the most acceptable and affordable solutions that can be turned into MVP in the shortest time.

2. Design and UI/Wireframing

You define “what you want” and “how it should look like” or (the best) you assign your own artist to work closely with our team. As well, we clarify project setup: sprint length (one or two weeks), people assignments (what roles would be needed for this sprint and for how many hours), etc.

3. Software Architecture Vision and Prototyping

For the given ideas and formulated project goals, we define solution architecture: hardware used, servers, databases, applications, frameworks, utilities and other fancy stuff that developers love to talk about.

4. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development

Our common goal is to have a working prototype by the end of the very first Sprint cycle. Having MVP in hand you can immediately start gathering feedbacks and validating your idea. …?

5. Technical support for collecting real user’s feedback and testing.

We can provide you with the bunch of analytical tools for gathering important marketing data about your product – customer acquisition, customer retention, churn analysis, etc. (If you need to define specific reports we could create one for you in a matter of days and hours, much faster than engaging your local DB management team.)

6. Deploy and Maintain, application lifecycle management.

Applications should be hosted somewhere, pass complex validation of the Mobile Marketplaces, gather safety certificates and a lot of stuff has to be done when publishing your first app. We can do it for you in no time, utilizing our long partnership experience with the most of the top vendors.

7. Now you get all needed for proving your concept and are ready for further improvements.

After validating your initial idea, depending on the result gathered, we can help you to take further care of your product: add scalability to survive increased user loading (of your application), add more features, tune performance and build supporting web site, or you may continue (with your product) with your in-house team.