Engaging Advertising and Marketing

Augmented reality become an innovative and creative way of connecting with customers and increasing engagement. We provide advertisers and marketers with great new opportunities in creation of immersive campaigns that integrate the digital world into the real world. AR is popular with a wide range of consumers, from children and tech-savvy millennials to baby boomers. By taking the interactivity of online marketing and applying it to the real world; AR can blur the lines of what an advertisement is. Make your print materials interactive using AR technologies. Product catalogs, magazine ads, brochures, and flyers can bring new exciting AR experience for your target customers. Marketers could track how many people engaged with a particular advertisement and how many then made a purchase of the product or service.

Product Visualization Applications

Using Augmented reality apps allows brands to showcase their products in an ultra-realistic way and give their potential customers an accurate view about the product. AR bridges the gap between 3D modeling tools and the final product and allows all stakeholders to quickly reach a full appreciation of your vision by removing the guesswork. Also, augmented Reality is a great opportunity for companies to cut down on their traditional print brochures and marketing materials. The evolution of product visualization and innovations in mobile technology have made augmented reality commerce the perfect fit.

Impactful Applications for Events and Exhibitions

Increase interactivity at your events and attract more visitors. Many companies have already started using AR in their kiosks to create an immersive brand experience and increase customer dwell time in their stands. Augmented Reality brings new easily extended strategy to reach of the brand’s activation. The creative usage of Augmented Reality combined with tablet devices and accompanying custom app could help bring a different showroom experience. The quirky, colorful applications become a ripe for social sharing among members of your new product demonstration, who could save the experience and broadcast it out to their followers.

Interactive Corporate Training & Educational Applications

Training employees with AR technology creates an immersive, interactive experience across multiple senses, which is far more effective than a typical lecture or simply reading instructions. Trainers use AR apps to explain hard – to – understand learning concepts and allows students to interact with 3D models and other content. Corporate benefits of augmented reality training aren’t dependent on the next generation of hardware. The new software libraries from Apple and Google turns today’s hardware into powerful AR training tools. Augmented reality systems can retain valuable employee learnings and insights and the system will be updated and all field workers will have the most current information. Less time will be spent in off-site training so productivity increases.

Remote Guidance and Collaboration

Augmented Reality applications can completely change the way geographically dispersed employees connection. AR technologies revamping the workplace with new, exciting applications that promise to streamline operations, communication, and enhance the bottom line. In many ways, AR proposes to change the way we do thing entirely. From better hosting meetings with remote workers to completing repairs and maintenance. Through advanced remote guidance, you can help your company staff to increase field service quality, improve the utilization and allocation of service personnel as well as to decrease operational costs.

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